Kayosys provides software product development for independent software vendors (ISVs). They face intense competition in markets where fast innovation is the norm. To prosper, they must bring new products to market rapidly, with attractive pricing and uncompromised quality. In this environment, vendors typically achieve product differentiation and market edge by focusing on specific vertical sectors. They build and retain teams of specialists tuned to delivering the best available solutions in their chosen market areas.

Support that Ensures Core Focus

To ensure a laser focus by your specialist teams, non-industry specialists can take care of non-core issues, such as:

  • QA and testing
  • Maintenance of multiple versions and older software
  • Customer support
  • Porting to different architectures
  • Documentation
  • Rapid escalation to exploit specific opportunities
  • Integration with existing packages and systems

Your Non-Core Becomes Our Core Focus

Kayosys provides a highly cost-effective and secure complementary resource to independent software vendors. We solve these non-core issues so that core teams can efficiently fulfil their sector-dominating potential. Project managers and business and technical architects are locally available to our ISV clients, ensuring requirements are understood and implemented on time and within budget. These are backed by our Vietnamese offshore teams who perform the detailed software development enhancement, support and on-going maintenance work to meet specifications and expected service levels.

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