Mobile applications were initially viewed by many as small screen adaptations of web-based apps. It is clear now that massive - and growing - adoption of mobile devices is changing the way people live and work. Mobile application development is no longer about adaptability; it is about innovation. Mobility opens up a virtually limitless world of opportunity and Kayosys supports clients who want to explore those opportunities through innovative application development.

We develop customised information and transactional-based mobile applications for smart devices in a number of industries. Our in-house development team also has the skills and tools to integrate these applications into a wide range of back-office systems.


iPhone’s revolutionary touch-interface and apple's market place has for the first time created a user experience that has became game changer for mobile applications. This has opened a vast potential for wide range of applications to be ported on iOS. we offer following development services for iPhone platform: 

  • Creating strategy and roadmap for iPhone development 
  • Development of native iPhone applications 
  • Offshore based development for optimal cost and faster implementation cycles 
  • iPhone application support and maintenance
  • Testing the mobile applications across OS versions 


Development of Android applications poses a challenge to support multitude of different devices and OS versions. Our developer has forte in development of native android applications on various OS versions and devices. Applications developed by us go through rounds of testing on  different devices including tablets. Kayosys offers following services in Android's domain:
  • Creating mobile strategy and roadmap for your business case
  • Design and development of native android applications
  • Testing of application on various devices
  • Porting of your existing application to Android platform
Feature updates and bug fixes are provided to user in seamless patch releases.

Windows Phone

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft acknowledged to the change in the mobile landscape. We have team of developers with expertise in Windows mobile platform. We provide following services in Windows mobile:
  • Development of  applications on Windows 7 and older windows mobile releases
  • Quality check on various Windows devices and releases
  • Porting your existing application to Windows mobile platform
  • Application Support and maintenance


Blackberry has been in the enterprise field since RIM has introduced the idea of seamless connectivity and push services for team collaboration. We have domain expertise to develop the applications addressing the needs of an enterprise. We offer following services for Blackberry platform:
  • Back office integration with Blackberry applications
  • Development of applications for enterprise and consumer verticals
  • Application support, maintenance and porting

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