Although an enterprise's core business focus may not change, the pressure on its IT resources almost certainly will. Competition is fierce, workloads increase and customers regard instant, reliable response as the norm. In meeting these challenges, you may find yourself encumbered by legacy systems, lacking the flexibility and performance demanded by today's markets. Or maybe you need to integrate computer systems following a business merger or acquisition.

Functionality Transformed

Working closely with clients to minimise disruptive impact, Kayosys transforms existing system functionality. We help you migrate from older technology to agile new platforms, such as Java and .NET, often using an n-tiered architecture and service-oriented delivery.

When enhanced functionality is desired, Kayosys manages all data migration activity. We can:

  • Identify suitable target platforms to achieve upgrades
  • Advise how to migrate data from existing to new database or application storage media
  • Supply target hardware

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