We at Kayosys provide keen attention to our software development process. Process becomes imperative for Mobil Applications because of its association with App markets and shorter gestation cycle. In order to best fit in the regularly changing work of app stores today we follow Agile methodologies and deliver in form of iterations. We have industry experience of using Agile methodologies for more than 5 years. Agile methodologies ensures that after an application development cycle completes then the application must be complete in terms of:

Analysis & Design:
The whole story begins with the gathering of the data related to clients needs, desires, expectations,milestones, targeting customers,content, assets images and stating deadlines for each step. The whole data is enclosed under a document called The Statement of Work, which is then send to client for approval. We work on the project ensuring that both parties understand the scope and outcome of the project. Additionally, a Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed at the request of the client or ours.

After gathering and analyzing the data, now comes the designing part which includes Process Flow, Wire Frames and UI Design. Process Flow is on paper sketch of the entire process showing each step followed by another representing the process flow diagram with a clear depiction of the whole application. Wire frames are an architectural and informational plan showing the details of each screen element, major content areas and features, are built. It illustrates screen layouts, navigation rules and information flow. After completing the wire-framing, the experts within Chrome InfoTech’s UI design team will convert the wireframes into clean and attractive interfaces. The ease and quality of UI design is what steers consumers towards App Store downloads and purchases.

Development and coding phase provides breathe and functionality to your application and in-house development team work on the creation of your app, build hooks to any necessary databases and integrate web services. Mobile developers starts working on back end functionality like database designing, social integration and architecture.

After development our testing team performs rigorous testing on actual handsets to guarantee superior quality and efficiency. This includes functionality, performance as well as testing corner case scenarios.

We are having our own bug detection tool to deliver you a total bug free application.

    Alpha build and test : A prototype of mobile application is developed and tested on simulator.
    Beta build and test : A fully accomplished application is made to run on real mobile device for further testing and optimization.
    Final Build : A finely polished and well featured application is launched.

Once the application has successfully passed all the above stages it will be uploaded to its available store by us on behalf of our client.

After completion of all development cycles (iterations/sprints) we provide 45 days support to fix bugs in stipulated functionality only.